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Hi! Welcome to The Crafty Pinup, a new vintage inspired sewing blog.

I'm Abi, a twenty something, retro lingerie designer, business owner & maker from Shrewsbury, UK. I studied Contour Fashion at DeMontfort university and went on to launch my own lingerie business, My Retro Closet, combining my favourite reproduction brands with my own handmade range of vintage inspired nightwear & lingerie.

This blog is a place for my amateur dress making and crafting of the vintage and retro persuasion, I'm particularly fond of styles from, and inspired by, the 1950s & 60s. I started this blog in hopes that documenting my makes will spur me on to keep creating and improving my sewing skills. I hope you enjoy my blog and follow me on my journey into designing and growing my handmade wardrobe.

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